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Success Stories – Six Sigma - A corporation earns while learning Six Sigma

Case 1:
Opportunity: A medical devices company needed help to focus on process improvement.

: Collected and analyzed production data using several statistical tools. Based on the analysis, enabled client to focus on target conditions instead of inspection against specifications. Identified and implemented necessary changes in the set up and process management approach. 

: Demonstrated that the defect rate could be reduced on the average by more than 70%.

Case 2:
Opportunity: A large OEM company wanted to improve the publication process for catalogs.

Approach: Accelper consultants worked with a team of professionals to establish a baseline and re-engineer the process to reduce the total cycle time and the potential opportunity for errors.

Results: Proposed a new process demonstrating improvement in cycle time by about 50%.

Case 3:
Opportunity: Bottlenecks in the process were leading to high in-process inventory levels and increased product cost.

Approach: Trained team members in Six Sigma Green Belt and facilitated the project for inventory reduction.

Results: The in-process inventory levels reduced from 35 days to 2 days.

Case 4:
Opportunity: A $30 million manufacture of power supplies was having high defects rate.

Approach: Identified the root cause of the problem. Improved the process through variability reduction and design of experiment techniques.

Results: Reduced defects from 5 DPU to 0.03 DPU with 90% reduction each year for two consecutive years.

Case 5:
: Plating process at a large telecommunications company was producing defects randomly that were adversely affecting communication systems’ performance.

Approach: Analyzed the processes using data collection, multivary analysis, regression analysis, and design of experiments. Significantly reduced defect level on complicated boards and simplified the process.

Results: Reduced the process variability into half and achieved a Cp of greater than 2.

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