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Web-based Six Sigma Green Belt Course

We are happy to announce a Web based Six Sigma Green Belt course is being offered by Accelper Consulting. Accelper Consulting’s experienced and accomplished training staff will facilitate this outstanding program. [Click here for Training Schedule]

This 8-week session allows participants to learn at their own pace while grasping the Six Sigma methodology and tools to solve real world problems. Projects will be centered around issues that participants are currently facing on the job. By bringing entire supply chain members including customer as needed, the training program promises to be productive learning experience. 

There will be flexible time for interacting with a qualified Accelper Consulting trainer and for self-study of specified material. Mastering the DMAIC methodology will be accomplished with the completion of a set of Accelper Consulting copyrighted project forms. Participants can interact with their instructor at any time to clarify challenges while practicing the DMAIC tools. Successful completion of weekly project milestones ensures effective learning of the DMAIC methodology, an immediate benefit leading to the certification. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn from the results of others. What's more, the course will qualify for continuing education credits. 

Benefits of this web-based program are:

  • Flexible learning methods

  • Personal schedules for training

  • Easy access to expertise

  • Hands-on project experience

  • Practical level of statistics

Participants will learn:

  • Six Sigma methodology and measurements

  • Application of key DMAIC tools

  • Successful completion of Six Sigma projects

CLICK HERE to contact Accelper for registration, or CLICK HERE for on-line registration.


Week 1: Challenges in Implementing SS and Balancing the Approach

  • Six Sigma Evolution

  • Motorola’s experience

  • Potential for failure

  • Critical Leadership roles

  • Road Map to Six Sigma

  • Six Sigma and Lean Methods

  • Six Sigma Body of Knowledge (BOK)

  • Sharing learning

Week 2 - Identifying the Problems (Define Phase) 

  • Kano analysis

  • Pareto chart

  • Project management

  • Process mapping

  • Process performance baseline


Week 3: Understanding the Scope of the Problem (Measure Phase) 

  • Terminology

  • Normal distribution

  • Cost of poor quality

  • Measurement system analysis Six sigma measurement

  • Process capability

  • Performance measurements

Week 4: Developing a Solution (Analyze Phase)

  • Cause and effect analysis

  • Root cause analysis

  • Multivariable analysis

  • Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA)

  • Regression analysis

  • Testing of hypothesis

  • Analysis of variance (ANOVA)

Week 5: Breakthrough Solutions (Improve Phase)

  • Comparative experiments

  • Components search

  • Full factorial experiments

  • Response surface methodology

  • Selecting the best

  • Lean thinking and lean tools 

Week 6: Sustaining Breakthrough (Control Phase)

  • Process thinking

  • Precontrol charts

  • Control chart concepts

  • Internal audits, corrective action, and review process

  • Six Sigma Business Scorecard

Week 7: Optimizing and Speeding Up Six Sigma

  • Six Sigma Business Scorecard

  • Theory of constraints - TOC

  • TOC applied to Six Sigma

  • Effective implementation

  • Roadblocks

Week 8: Project Presentation and Review

  • Presentation of project through the process steps using the Accelper Consulting Project Forms

  • Appendix

  • Six Sigma Forms

  • Reference Books

    • The Six Sigma Performance Handbook

    • Six Sigma Business Scorecard 

Target Audience:
Managers, Engineers, Technicians and Supervisors who are interested in gaining hands-on knowledge of Six Sigma methodology and tools without getting lost in statistics. We encourage working on an actual project from beginning to end, ready for implementation. 

Required Material:
The Six Sigma Performance Handbook by Praveen Gupta, McGraw Hill 2004 
Six Sigma Business Scorecard by Praveen Gupta, McGraw Hill 2003 
Microsoft Excel, handheld statistical calculator, or statistical software (e.g. Minitab) 

Course Schedule/Hours:

  • Homework and self-study - own pace of about 4-6 hours per week

  • Every week is flexibly scheduled to cover limited but specific amount of material

  • Weekly quiz gates to ensure learning and check understanding

  • Email questions / Answers - Access to instructor at normal working hours

  • Feedback and answers to participants within 8 to 12 working hours

  • Presentation of own project completed with review and feedback

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification:
When the participant has completed all the modules, their reviews, and presentation of the project worked, Accelper Consulting will award a Certificate of Completion of the SSGB Training. Successful completion enables participants to continue on to further Six Sigma project work and study towards SSBB certification. Further and continuing study can be linked to Accelper Consulting’s Six Sigma Black Belt course towards SSBB Certification. 

GB WEB Instructors:

Arvin Sri

Arvin Sri a Consultant at Accelper Consulting, has over 15 years of experi­ence in business process improvement and Six Sigma in several industries. He has contributed chapters in The Six Sigma Performance Handbook and Six Sigma for Transactions and Service. Arvin has facilitated Six Sigma training, and projects at Accelper clients. Arvin received his BSME degree from IIT Roorkee, India, and MBA from Benedictine University, Lisle, Illinois. Arvin is a Six Sigma Green Belt. email:

Praveen Gupta 
Praveen Gupta is a Six Sigma consultant and trainer at Accelper Consulting ( He is an ASQ Fellow, and has been associated with Six Sigma since 1986 at Motorola. Praveen has taught Six Sigma at Motorola University for more than 10 years. He has (co)authored Six Sigma Business Scorecard, The Six Sigma Performance Handbook, The Six Sigma Black Belt Handbook and Six Sigma in Transactions and Service. email:

CLICK HERE to contact Accelper for registration, or
  CLICK HERE for on-line registration.