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Six Sigma in Small Businesses _ A Case Study
The popular methodology brings performance improvement to

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Six Sigma Deployment
An Introduction to Six Sigma

Strategies for Sustaining Six Sigma -- 7/15/2005
Merely supporting Six Sigma initiative isn't enough any more.

Six Sigma: A Mandate for Airlines -- 6/15/2005
Six Sigma Tools can help airlines' waste of resources, inefficient processes, and poor management.

Process Knowledge: A Necessity for Six Sigma Projects   -- 5/15/2005
Successful closing of Six Sigma projects can be a challenge without process knowledge.
Communicating Six Sigma -- 4/15/2005
Effective Communication is Crucial to inspire and encourage employees...
From PDCA to PPPP -- 3/2/2005
The four P's of process management lead to quality success.
Six Sigma and Poka-Yoke -- 2/3/2005
Eliminating remaining opportunities for mistakes.
Six Sigma in the Supply Chain -- 1/5/2005
Six Sigma companies don't have three- or four-sigma suppliers.
Six Sigma in Service -- 12/1/2004
Understanding the service process is vital for a successful Six Sigma implementation.
Innovation for Six Sigma -- 11/3/2004
Companies must create a culture of innovation and creativity to succeed.
Six Sigma in Finance and Accounting -- 10/7/2004
New expectations in F/A departments require Six Sigma implementation.
Six Sigma in Human Resources -- 9/1/2004
Human resources departments benefit from the methodology.
Six Sigma Sense -- 8/3/2004
Sigma-level measurement helps sustain the program when interest wanes.

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