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Success Stories – Business Performance/Scorecard

Case 1:
Opportunity: A test equipment manufacturing company wanted to improve its business performance.

Approach: Accelper Consulting achieved the client’s business objectives by assisting the client in implementation of Six Sigma Business Scorecard, Six Sigma and Management Systems.

Results: Client achieved turnaround in profitability the first year, and continued the trend in the following year, before opening new facilities in the third year. The case study was published in Quality Digest, April 2005.

Case 2:
Opportunity: A process problem that was limiting production resulting in shortage of parts and delinquencies.

Approach: Established a baseline by analyzing data from freshly-run lots and reviewing all operations, including that of subcontractors.

Results: Eliminated the problem and increased yield by 60%.

Case 3:
Opportunity: To help a pharmaceutical company developed and launch an automatic state-of-the-art testing equipment.

Approach: Analyzed all aspects of machine design and functionality using the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis. Identified opportunities for pre-launch improvement and helped client establish a robust, marketable, and functional product.

Results: Identified key opportunities for improvement in the product design.

Case 4:
Opportunity: Losing market share due to product quality problems.

Approach: Analyzed the company’s processes and implemented statistical process control (SPC) to help identify deficiencies.

Results: Company regained customer confidence, improved internal quality and reduced customer returns. 

Case 5:
Opportunity: High defect rate for a printed board manufacturing company.

Approach: Utilized extensive team building process, aggressive goal setting, and process management techniques to facilitate defect reduction over a two year period.

Results: Reduced the scrap rate from 11% to 1.2%, best in the history of the company.

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