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We have gained continually evolving business knowledge from our experience on critical issues in numerous industries. We collect insights from project work, conduct new research, and disseminate knowledge both internally and externally.

Corporate Performance Scorecard -- July 2003 issue of MetalForming Magazine

Reviewing the list of the 50 largest corporations, Iíve found that less than 10 percent have been operating profitably in recent months.  Most of the corporations have some operational measurements, and many have financial measurements. more...

Balance Your Scorecard with Six Sigma To Boost Performance -- October / November 2004 issue of Six Sigma Forum

The balanced scorecard is a performance management system that translates strategy into execution. It is a dynamic management system that reinforces, implements and executes corporate strategy. more...

Six Sigma Journey -- January 2005 issue of The National Association of Idea Management Newsletter

Turning back the clock to 1986! My boss returns from a trip to Motorola Corporate meetings, and mentions that something more than three sigma is happening. Either he did not really know what exactly it was, or he just pretended his ignorance. more...

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