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Accelper Consulting has developed world-class training programs for teaching innovation to employees in an organization, or teaching innovation skills to students in the academic environment. Accelper has become one of the leading proponents of teaching innovation to develop in-house competency instead of outsourcing innovation jobs to service providers for maximizing the growth opportunity.

Corporations can bring the innovation leadership in-house through train-the-trainer program, or attending our innovation programs for executives and professionals. All our innovation training programs are offered in collaboration with Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) School of Applied Technology. We are also introducing two new programs: Innovation for Engineers and Innovation in Healthcare at two other colleges. To attend one of our Business Innovation training classes, please

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Accelper Consulting foresees the innovation process becoming a business necessity, similar to the sales process. In order for that to happen, innovation framework must be developed that consists of theory, methodology, and tools. Accelper Consulting staff has just done that, for the first time! Teaching Innovation must become the first priority for bringing out intellectual best of our employees throughout the world, irrespective of the language.

Accelper's Breakthrough Innovation (Brinnovation™) combines the best of Einstein for thinking unlimited and Edison for producibility. Our Business Innovation Maturity Model (BIMM) offers a roadmap to deploy innovation in stages, and TEDOC (Target, Explore, Develop, Optimize and Commercialize) methodology for making innovations profitable. Finally, our innovative thinking process teaches creativity in a few minutes. We make people believe in their potential to develop innovative solutions through teaching innovation.

Accelper offers the most comprehensive portfolio of consulting services to an organization for making innovation predictable, pervasive and profitable:

  1. Teaching Breakthrough Innovation Methodology
  2. Corporate Innovation Assessment using BIMM
  3. Executive Innovation Briefing
  4. Strategic planning for Innovation
  5. Innovation Opportunities and Projects
  6. TEDOC Deployment
  7. Measures of Innovation
  8. Sustained Profitable Growth
  9. Culture of Innovation

Please contact us for a no-obligation meeting to understand your innovation challenges and share our services at (800) 680-0700, or email at

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