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Success Stories – Management Systems
Case 1:
Opportunity: Implementation of ISO 9000 quality management system at a precision grinding company in aerospace industry.

Approach: Worked with the company management to design a new system. Facilitated implementation of the quality system.

Results: The company was certified within the stipulated time frame, both for ISO 9000 and AS-9000 standards.

Case 2:
Opportunity: A start-up company on a high-growth path was constrained due to a lack of effective management systems.

Approach: Helped the company develop the required infrastructure using the QS-9000 guidelines.

Results: The new management systems helped the company grow from a four-employee to over 100-employee company in one year.

Case 3:
Opportunity: Establishing a business management system for an innovative and fast growing company.

Approach: Using the ISO 9001 and MBNQA standards, guided the development of company’s policies and procedures. The company certified to the ISO 9001 standards on time, launched new products, and became a publicly traded company.

Results: Helped the company grow from a 30-person to a 300-person organization with four locations over three years.

Case 4:
Opportunity: A subsidiary of International distribution company needed a quality management system to build infrastructure for growth.

Approach: Developed an ISO 9001:2000 complaint quality management system, established performance measures, and guided through the certification process.

Results: The company achieved quality system certification ahead of schedule. Accelper Consulting was presented with the Excellent in Customer Care award.

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