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Clients have many questions or concerns prior to engaging a new consultant or a consulting firm. Several companies have contracted Accelper Consulting as their first consulting firm. Clients choose Accelper Consulting for the following reasons: 
  1. Commitment to Clients’ Success 
  2. Global recognition for thought leadership
  3. Comfort with the Fixed Cost for services 
  4. Innovative Solutions
  5. Superior Execution

We guarantee your success if you are committed to your success.

For additional information about our approach, please feel free to browse our presentation below:

Please feel free to call us for no-cost meeting or teleconference at (847) 884-1900, or contact us at

Our engagement process consists of the following steps:

  • Prospect client and Accelper Consulting get to hear about each other.
  • Initial contact is made for information. 
  • Accelper Consulting contacts the prospect and understands the client needs. 
  • If necessary, we meet in person to establish rapport, understand specific needs, and prepare a statement of work. 
  • Based on the client information, Accelper Consulting proposes a fixed-price proposal. 
  • Once the proposal is approved, Accelper Consulting submits a Project Authorization Form for the client’s approval. 

Proposal typically includes the following elements:

  • Assessment and Gap Analysis 
  • Project Planning 
  • Training 
  • Implementation Support 
  • Project Completion 
  • Client Feedback 
  • Follow Up Meetings 

We are committed to our clients’ growth and profitability. Our ultimate reward is to earn the client referrals. We work hard to earn your referral.

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