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Six Sigma Training Programs

Practical Six Sigma

Accelper’s Practical Six Sigma provides an overview of basic Six Sigma and Lean tools, the DAMAIC methodology, and measures of improvement. The course includes effective case studies where students use the most commonly used basic quality tools. This course is an excellent foundation for professionals who are expected to implement quality improvement in their job, and for individuals preparing for Green Belt certifications. CLICK HERE to download a PDF brochure.

Black Belt Program

Accelper Consulting’s Black Belt program enables participants to prioritize business opportunities based on customer requirements and the company’s business objectives. It follows a practical and hands-on approach, and focuses on producing battle-ready Black Belts who can achieve dramatic results and improve the bottom line. The Accelper Consulting training program is covered in four one-week sessions spread over four months. The training structure allows the participants enough time to implement the tools and concepts on projects between sessions.

CLICK HERE to download PDF version of Black Belt brochure.

Green Belt Program 

Accelper Consulting’s Green Belt program enables participants to apply Six Sigma tools and concepts to problem solving and realize immediate benefits. The five-day Green Belt program is designed to understand Six Sigma and the DMAIC methodology. At the end of the program, the participants will be trained and equipped to work on Six Sigma projects. The course incorporates a practical level of statistical and graphical tools to improve processes. 

CLICK HERE to download PDF version of Green Belt brochure.

Six Sigma Executive Program

Accelper Consulting’s Executive program provides a jump-start on Six Sigma for key executives. It explains the power of Six Sigma, and links it to the company’s profitability, customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness. The one-day Executive program is designed to remove initial doubts, and build a thorough understanding of the Six Sigma concepts. Please contact us at

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