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Understanding Six Sigma/Lean

The Six Sigma approach is a proven customer focused business strategy for superior quality of products and services. Six Sigma provides a competitive advantage for business through dramatic improvement. At several companies, small and large, Six Sigma has proven to be a very effective strategy for improving quality, reducing costs, reducing cycle times, increasing profit ability, and creating wealth for employees and shareholders.

Integrating Lean with Six Sigma
Accelper Consulting has incorporated the lean thinking in its approach to problem solving using Six Sigma methodology. The integration of the lean and Six Sigma has been detailed in the book Six Sigma Performance Handbook. The right mix of lean and Six Sigma results in excellence (primarily powered by Six Sigma) and efficiency (primarily powered by Lean). Accelper Consulting has trained and consulted various organizations in major lean principles including:

  1. 5-S
  2. 5-Whys
  3. Visual Factory
  4. Value Stream Mapping
  5. Muda
  6. Poka Yoke
  7. Single Minute Exchange of Die
  8. Total Productive Maintenance

A typical Lean Six Sigma project is expected save between $50K - $250K depending on the company size.

CLICK HERE to download the article "Six Sigma It Works!"

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